IP PBX For Company

Solution To Manage Voice and Reduce Cost

Key Features and Benefits of Option 2

  • Maintaining most of the existing infrastructure reduces training and changes.
  • Ability to benefit from the features and flexibility of IP PBX without changing all the hardware
  • Cost savings on outbound calls via Teleworld SIP Trunk service
  • Easy to increase capacity by just adding phones and using internet for calls. No need to add additional cards.
  • IP Phone users can call PBX users and vice versa. However, some programming to existing PBX is required
  • New extensions use data LAN network thereby saving cost on cabling
  • Concurrent calls between plants and outbound calls are limited to the number of CO lines in existing IP PBX
  • Not taking advantage of IP phone flexibility and convenience such as ability to take phone to any new workstation without reprogramming